Caesar Salad Dressing


Available in:
300gr | 570gr | 865gr

The Story

Italian Pickled Touch of Fineness. For the gourmet salad lovers Caesar Salad is an all time favourite. A green salad topped with oven baked crunchy croutons and chicken breast fillet slices shouts for a Caesar Dressing saucy shower. Our approach on Caesar Salad Dressing has given us a product with a milder feel from the traditional ones. We use Greek Cow Milk Cheese as our base and add a lemon twist combined with anchovy freshly made pure. Great with side salads or a full meal nutritional value wright salad. Bring your salads and meals to life with DF Caesar Salad Dressing.

The new Bottle

Most probably the most recognizable condiment bottle for Cypriot consumers, the cone shaped DF Tomato Ketchup, it’s now changing shape. You have asked for it and we made it reality. The new bottle offers unprecedented user friendliness and guarantees a fresher product due to its material composition.

Trusted by Global Restaurant Brands

We take pride of our ketchup as it is the preferred choice for Multinational and Global Restaurant Brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway and other Local Restaurant Chains. There as a reason for this as we follow world accredited programs for the industry such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2001 standards and undergo the most strict food industrial production checks and audits by renowned firms