BBQ Sauce


Available in:
300gr | 570gr | 865gr

The Story

Smokey Burst, Full of Woody Flavours. When was the last time you organized a family barbecue and felt that the BBQ Spare Ribs, you so much wanted to prepare in order to excite your wife, ended up being a total disaster? Well, Barbeque Sauce is not just a side dip. BBQ Sauce is a product that has to be bursting with that wood smoke, rich and authentic flavor. Once tasted, it has to blow your mind away with that Smokey flavor blast  and remind you of…Buffalo Bill. It should… sky shoot you all the way to the Grand Canyon and back in a flash and should… make you want to lit that BBQ charcoal every weekend. DF Smoked BBQ Sauce’s recipe is based on traditional methods of American Texan BBQ making and demands the usage of freshly cut tangy sunriped tomatoes and spices like molasses and premium brown sugar. The distinct Hickory-like flavor which DF Smoked BBQ Sauce has, owes it to the secret combination of different wood smokes into the DF BBQ Sauce bottle which blend with other ingredients amazingly in order that secret “weapon” for your barbeque marinade or dipping sauce.

The new Bottle

Most probably the most recognizable condiment bottle for Cypriot consumers, the cone shaped DF Tomato Ketchup, it’s now changing shape. You have asked for it and we made it reality. The new bottle offers unprecedented user friendliness and guarantees a fresher product due to its material composition.

Trusted by Global Restaurant Brands

We take pride of our ketchup as it is the preferred choice for Multinational and Global Restaurant Brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Subway and other Local Restaurant Chains. There as a reason for this as we follow world accredited programs for the industry such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2001 standards and undergo the most strict food industrial production checks and audits by renowned firms