About us

About Us

aboutus.jpgWe at Delicacy Foods believe in preparing high quality delicacies, with rich flavours, natural and preservative-free ingredients that add this extra thing in your everyday meal.

Our name, Delicacy Foods, is synonymous with what we are actually doing, which is preparing fresh delicacies for the end consumer and the chef’s of every cuisine out there. Our traditional recipes show up from all the mass-produced products in the market as they are all prepared with enthusiasm by our beautiful staff in a fun, family working environment under absolutely safe manufacturing conditions.

We are devoted into delivering products that address to the special needs of every customer, and we are committed in working closely with the community for improving and enhancing our products day by day.

 We are concerned about how the environment is turning upon us and work in accordance with EU standards to protect and revitalize the world we live in. We use no ingredients from companies that apply dangerous practices and we constantly seek new practices to protect our “wounded” environment. 

Because Delicacy Food is a privately owned company, we try to grow step by step by engaging the customer on this process .We are a customer led company and set to fulfil the changing needs of our loyal supporters as the market evolves. We love challenges and believe that innovation is something that describes our company’s efforts to be in the front line by adapting and transforming accordingly. We are a quality conscious company and we are devoted in maintaining consistency in our range of products. To do this, we conduct chemical analysis tests, production on-site visual tests, and utilise technology for ensuring quality on randomly picked semi finished and finished products. These and many other measures undertaken by us enables us to maintain high standards of quality in terms of taste, shelf life and nutritional value. Our products are delivered to you in every way possible via our fabulous delivery staff either in the front shelf of retail outlets or directly to your door for the wholesale.

If you would like to learn more about us or have something to suggest like a new flavour or a totally new idea; we would love to hear from you.

Company History

Delicacy Foods was established back in 1984 with a sole purpose the production of gourmet appetizers. The exceptional quality of our products and our devotion to excellent customer service resulted in increased demand and expansion of our operations in the local and international marketplace. Having passionately served the community with sauces and traditional gourmet appetizers prepared to original Greek and Cypriot recipes, containing natural ingredients, our name “DF” has become synonymous with trust, quality and exceptional taste and flavours.

The last few years we went a step further enhancing our product portfolio with a variety of products for the catering and hotel industry. We have also spent endless hours to come up with products that add that extra thing for the everyday consumer. Delicacy Food is considered the leading company in its sector and holds the top position in sales of both retail and wholesale in Cyprus’s market. Today Delicacy Food produces over 150 different kinds of products. These are divided into nine distinct product categories:

  • Tomato- Based Sauces
  • Mayonnaise-Based Sauces
  • Mustard-Based Sauces
  • Fine Sauces
  • Traditional Salads
  • Dressings
  • Dairies
  • Edible Oils & Fats
  • Pickles
  • Herbs
  • Confectionery Items

 Our products are today available via the majority of retail stores in the country and our supply chain spreads across all major cities in Cyprus with expert and friendly sales personnel ready to assist you in selling and customer support services. 

Mission Statement

Delicacy Foods operates in the food processing industry sector providing the end consumer and the Ho.Re.Ca sector with freshest, most natural and exciting products that enhance every recipe and meal. 

Our Vision

our-vision.jpgWe know our capabilities our strengths, weaknesses and boundaries. We are a learning organisation and always on the front line working hand in hand with our customers, from whom we hear, co-operate and thus become better.

Our vision simply: “To be the country’s preferred provider of premier food offering superb value, excellent customer service and try always to give something back to the community”

Company Values

companyvalues.jpgEvery successful business is driven by the foundation principles that lie within the corporate culture of the organisation. We at Delicacy Food recognize that and strive to excel in everything having as a point of reference these priceless values which are:

  • Integrity: We value individuals and support team-working. In the heart of our operations we always assume positive intent and respect diversity.
  • Honesty: We believe that loyalty and true partnerships come from honest transactions and activities that signal quality and persistency.
  • CreativityBeing innovative and creative is one of our core principles. From management practices to every day production activities we add that extra touch of newness and ingenious spirit.
  • Simplicity: We like to keep it simple and inform our stakeholders for what we do. We make it simple for consumers to understand our business by avoiding hidden practices and overcome internal barriers.
  • Corporate Citizenship: Giving back to the community is something we aim for and practice in our everyday operations. We respect the environment and act according to industry standards that help in tackling climate issues and community concerns.
  • Devotion: For a company like us to excel in our sector we devote much of our time to our employees, customers and the society.